Insurance Plan Calculator Service

My Role

The task was to enable my client’s client, a large multinational insurance company, to be able to create insurance plans effectively and quickly.

Their employees were not developers, but were capable of understanding complex algorithms.

So the solution was a backend service, written in Golang, that sandboxes a different, well-known scripting language.


The backend makes sure that all the possible limitations (execution time, memory usage, limited instruction set) are in place to avoid the possibility of breaking out from the sandbox.

This service has its UI and companion features in the CRM system that I have built for the company. And those were also developed alongside with this project by me.

Through the user-friendly UI, the users can determine what input fields are allowed (nested hierarchy) and the values they permit.

Then all that data is available in the internal sandbox language, and at the end they are able to call back pre-defined services, such as emailing, payment link generation and more.

This service serves hundreds of requests per minute concurrently even as you’re reading this.