Document Conversion Service

My Role

My role was to build the next generation of the company’s work horse for the various document generation and conversion needs.

This Golang based containerized service is capable of processing a high volume of documents in a scalable and concurrent way.

Main features


  • Convert to PDF
  • Merge PDFs
  • Separate PDFs
  • Generate portfolio out of PDFs
  • Add Digital PDF Signature with timestamping
  • Return details about a PDF
  • Attach files to PDFs
  • And more

Users, limits

The system manages users and their digital signatures and the quotas for those signatures.


The service sends various monitoring emails upon job failures, quotas, quota exceeding.


The API is a REST API protected by JWT tokens and is documented with the industry standard OpenAPI format, that eases other developers to integrate with the service.

Main achievements

I have shipped high quality code that is well documented and easy to understand and develop further.

I followed Uncle Bob’s “Clean Code” methodology, that has been paying dividends ever since I’m using and implementing it in my systems. The modular composition of the system allows to replace, upgrade or change parts without (heart)breaking changes or complex refactorings.