Video Analysis Service

My Role

I have been entrusted to build a service alone, from scratch that would be capable of executing video analysis, video frame extraction, transcription and more.

The client received a fully documented containerised video analysis backend service written in Golang.

That service has probably processed hundreds of thousands of videos ever since, if not more.

Main achievements

Advanced FFmpeg usage

Although FFmpeg is a very capable software, it has quite a few friends due to its complex nature. For some reason I’ve become very good friends with it, and have used extensively over the years for several products.

This product is heavily relying on FFmpeg, and by the use of complex_filters several server side video manipulation operations are being done.

Clean Architecture

I have shipped high quality code that is well documented and easy to understand and develop further.

By following Uncle Bob’s “Clean Code” methodology, the result is a very robust modular system. The modular composition of the system allows to replace, upgrade or change parts without (heart)breaking changes or complex refactorings.

In fact this happened, when at the last moment the client decided to replace a core component, and without any issues I could implement a new module instead of the old one.

The client not only got the new feature, but got a configuration option to even switch between the old and the new module.


I’m honored because my client and my client’s employees flooded me with great feedbacks about my work. They really enjoyed working with me, and the product is working flawlessly.

Check out some of their feedbacks in the Testimonals section.