Complete PA System configuration

My Role

This was a volunteer work.

This community had a pretty good assortment of audio gear, but it was in ruins as they lacked personnel who would be able to properly set it up.

On most events they have a band playing, a speaker preaching, live-streaming, recording and projection.

My task was:

  • To understand the system
  • To configure it properly
  • Make it user friendly
  • Produce documentation
  • Establish and train a team who would run it (audio, live-streaming & projection).

The System

  • Behringer X32 Compact: Digital Mixing Console
  • Behringer S32: Digital Stage box
  • 3 lines of speakers
  • 5 mics, many instruments, drums
  • PTZ Camera
  • PC
  • Projectors
  • Headset

What I did

  • I have fixed all the connections to the three lines of speakers
  • Properly set up delays
  • Properly set up routing
  • Properly tuned the room to avoid LF rumble
  • Produced extensive documentation for different groups in the team:
  • for the preachers
  • for the projection team
  • for the worship team
  • for the technicians
  • for the social media managers

Personal training

I have held a systems overview kickoff training, to introduce everyone to the audio part of the system, then I went on one-on-one to train each member of the team, as we went through their user guides written by me.


What could be automated, I have automated or I made it semi-automatic to decrease the required manpower for running the system.

As a part of this, I have created a software application, called OSCBRIDGE, that is capable of connecting to the digital mixer, to the streaming software (OBS), and to the PTZ Camera we have. This application is capable of turning the PTZ camera to the right position based on the mute status of the microphones, and also it can be used to automate/schedule other tasks. Learn more about it here.

Currently, it also watches for certain common user-errors, and posts a notification on the streaming PC if it detects any of those. An example for this is when both pulpit & headset is unmuted, although only one of them should be unmuted at maximum at any time.